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Bugblaster is great fun. It’s a one-of-a kind original.

Chemical free, environmentally friendly, shoots ordinary table salt. Holds about 15 shots, easy to reload and very inexpensive. Shoots pests, flies, spiders, even carpenter bees, boring bees and wasps. If you can see ‘em you can shoot ‘em. Shoot ‘em off glass between blind slats. Shoot ‘em off the ceiling, or even on the “fly” if you’re a good shot. Use it inside or out. This is absolutely the most fun way to control pests in your home, yard, or out buildings. Bugblaster doesn‘t kill all bugs, only the ones annoying you. Caution: The Bugblaster could turn you into a “redneck” and is somewhat addictive. Some cases of people leaving doors open so bugs could come in have been reported.

Available in .177 and .22 and 6mm caliber models.

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The Bugblaster is attached to the muzzle of your air gun by sliding the stainless steel tube into the muzzle and securing it with the enclosed bungee. The Bugblaster attaches and detaches in seconds. Because the light weight salt loses its velocity quickly, it is a safe but very effective and amusing way to eliminate annoying insects. Other grandular substances may also be used for longer range and outdoor use. Photo shows Bugblaster on a 2240 by Crosman which is the inexpensive favorite of inventor, Martin Jenson, but it will work on a wide variety of CO2 guns, air pistols and rifles. Pellet guns tend to be more powerful than BB guns but even some BB guns work well. CO2 and pneumatic pump up guns are most effective.

This whole idea of shooting insects may seem a little outrageous but the Bugblaster performs very well. It puts the fly swatter out of business and each blast contains a very small amount of table salt, just enough to do the job. Let an annoying insect make your day.


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