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Installation of the Bugblaster


The Bugblaster is attached to the muzzle of your gun by sliding the stainless steel tube into the muzzle and securing with the enclosed bungee cord or cords. The placement of the bungee cords is different for each make and model of airgun being used. In some cases the bungee can be hooked around the front sight and in other cases looped through the trigger housing and attached to one of the two hooks provided at the back of the Bugblaster. In any case, this can be accomplished easily with one of two bungees.

*Note: Bore sizes even within the same caliber classification can vary minutely between the different makes and models of air guns. The stainless steel insertion tube on your Bugblaster should slide easily into the muzzle of your air gun. Never force the tube into the muzzle of your gun. If you experience any difficulty inserting the Bugblaster into your gun, you may return the Bugblaster to Bugblaster products for a full refund or request a slightly smaller tube size that will work in your particular gun at no extra charge. If you wish you may also spend a few minutes honing the outside of the tube with a strip of emery cloth until it fits easily into the muzzle.


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