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WARNING: The Bugblaster is not a toy. Adult supervision is required. Misuse or careless use may cause injury. May be dangerous up to thirty feet.

WARNING: Please observe all safety precautions that pertain to the particular air gun that you intend to use in conjunction with the Bugblaster. Be absolutely sure that your BB or pellet gun is empty and on safe before inserting the Bugblaster into the muzzle of your gun.

Your air gun must have a rated muzzle velocity of 400 feet per second or faster in order for your Bugblaster to work effectively.

Since salt is light weight it loses velocity rapidly as it is discharged from the Bugblaster. The effective killing range for most insects is from 1-6 feet. At close range (1-2 feet) the insect may be disintegrated. Further out at (4-6 feet) the salt granules will be spread in a pattern which continues to broaden and therefore will be further apart, therefore increasing the possibility that the insect may not be hit.

The Bugblaster can be discharged against hard surfaces including glass window, formica and porcelain without surface damage. Some softer surfaces like finished wood and some painted surfaces may be etched by the salt at close range. If you wish to observe what happens when the salt is discharged from the Bugblaster you may hang a single-ply tissue in a manner that salt can pass through it and shoot it at various distances to get an idea what the pattern looks like and the damage done to the tissue from your particular gun.

WARNING: When discharged against hard surfaces the salt can ricochet. Caution should be exercised when other persons or pets are nearby. Discharged salt from the Bugblaster may have sufficient velocity to penetrate the skin or damage the eye.

WARNING: Be sure the Bugblaster is pointed in a safe direction. Always keep your gun in the safe position until ready to shoot. The Bugblaster should never be pointed at a person or pet.


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